Enduring Power of Attorney

These documents were replaced in 2007, by Lasting Powers of Attorneys. These can only be in relation to fiance and property matters and can be used unregistered (unlike Lasting Powers) however, the Attorney has a duty to register this document when the donor has or is becoming mentally incapable. ME Law can advise the attorney on the difference of these documents and the different liability for registering this document to the Lasting Powers of Attorneys.

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Important Announcement for changes to Probate Application Fees – APRIL 2019

The Government have approved the increase of the application fees for Probate from April 2019. The new legislation will raise the estate value threshold from £5,000 to £50,000 which will exclude around 25,000 estates from probate fees altogether

Turning probate fees into a stealth tax looks like profiteering on the bereaved

Recent news that the Ministry of Justice is set to increase probate fees by as much as 9,200% in May 2017 has provoked reactions ranging from consternation to outrage. Once implemented, the change will see executors of an estate worth £600,000 being charged £4,000 for a grant of probate. Compare this to the flat fee …
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